GLO Brilliant Whitening Gel Refill - 10 G-Vials

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GLO Technology

Keep your teeth white all year long.

A set of 10 refill GLO™ Whitening Gels in the patent-pending G-Vial delivery applicator includes the highest and safest percentage of hydrogen peroxide gel, with the purest, most potent formulation.

Each G-Vial contains enough gel for up to four applications and is exclusively for use with the GLO Brilliant Control and Mouthpiece.

The GLO Whitening Gel has a fresh mint flavor. The formulation is alcohol-free and does not contain carbamide peroxide—the two leading causes of sensitivity. This product is a refill for use with the award winning GLO Brilliant® Personal Teeth Whitening Device.

Whitening Gel (G-Vial)

A viscous gel formulation that stays put and doesn't migrate to gums or other soft tissue, avoiding sensitivity common with other whitening methods.

Breakthrough Technology

The G-Vial's perfectly shaped tip allows the gel to glide easily over and in between teeth.


Can be used on caps, crowns and veneers without harm—it will bring them back to the original color the dentist made them.

Effective, stay-put formula

Unique to GLO™—it is a highly viscous, stay-put formula so when applied to your teeth, it stays put without getting on gums or other soft tissue, avoiding the sensitivity common with other whitening methods.

Remove a G-Vial's cap and its perfectly shaped tip allows the gel to glide easily over teeth in one quick back-and-forth motion.

Ready, set GLO!

Be sure to store your GLO Brilliant® Whitening Gels in a cool place.

  1. Pull apart the two ends of a single G-Vial. Squeeze the G-Vial applicator, using the brush tip, apply the gel to your top and bottom teeth, fronts only.
  2. Insert the end of a GLO Brilliant® Whitening Mouthpiece cord into the GLO™ control.
  3. Press the GLO™ button on the controller. The mouthpiece and control will light up a brilliant blue.
  4. Place the mouthpiece in your mouth. 8 minutes later, the lights will go off.
  5. Expel saliva, rinse mouthpiece in warm water and repeat up to three more times using the same G-Vial.


  • Once a G-Vial is opened, the whitening gel remains effective for 7 days.
  • To store a G-Vial after use, simply place the cap back on the vial and return it the storage chamber and refrigerate the vial.

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