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General Whitening Questions

  • After whitening I’ve noticed white spots on my teeth. Is this normal?

    The white spots on your teeth are called hypo-calcification spots. Your hypo-calcification spots may become more noticeable immediately after whitening. After whitening, the tooth rehydrates - which happens with all whitening. These spots are normal and will fade over the next few days after the whitening procedure.  

  • What causes tooth staining and discoloration?

    Tooth color varies from person to person. We are all born with different variations of teeth color in the white to yellow spectrum. Unfortunately, some people are more prone to tooth staining than others. This is predetermined by genetics. Genetics play a major role in susceptibility to discoloration of teeth, but over time, your natural tooth color can become discolored due to external and internal factors.

    Some examples of tooth discoloration include:

    External factors

    -Foods and beverages high in acid
    -Foods and beverages dark in pigment

    Internal factors

    -Side effects from some medications

    External factors that cause tooth discoloration stain the enamel, or surface of the tooth, and can typically be removed by teeth whitening. Internal factors that cause tooth discoloration stain the dentin, or layer beneath the enamel, and are difficult to remove by teeth whitening. Those with this type of staining may see a notable improvement in tooth color while others with internal staining may not.

  • How much does professional teeth whitening cost?

    There is no absolute answer to this question because the cost varies from dentist to dentist and from procedure to procedure. Generally speaking, dentist-administered or prescribed methods cost from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Professional teeth whitening costs anywhere between $400 to around $1000.

  • What are some of the side effects of other types of whitening?

    There are many reported incidents of increased tooth sensitivity after bleaching. Prolonged exposure to bleaching agents can damage tooth enamel. If the treatment is not administered properly, there can be complications like gum irritation. The oxidizing agents are very strong and can damage the soft tissues of your mouth. The bleaching effect can also cause irritation and increased sensitivity to cold and hot fluids and sometimes even to air. In the case of home bleaching, there is a chance that patients might ingest some of the bleaching gel. In such a case, the person might experience burning or nausea.

  • Do you recommend a particular brand of toothpaste to use before/after treatment?

    Dr. Levine suggests you avoid toothpaste that contains sodium dodecyl sulfate (SLS). He developed a very unique toothpaste-with a natural base that has what you need in it! GLO Whitening Antioxidant Toothpaste is designed to avoid any allergic response, whitening your teeth and promote health of the mouth.  It contains antioxidants and vitamins with a super berry flavor-we think you will love it. Try that!

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  • What happens if my GLOTM Mouthpiece or my Control does not light up?

    Check to be sure your mouthpiece is securely plugged into your GLO Control and that your control is fully charged. Your Control will only light up when the mouthpiece is plugged into it and the GLO button is pressed.  The mouthpiece should light up when the control is charged, securely plugged into a charged control, and the GLO button is pressed. If you have any problems –please call us at 855.456.5976.

    Be sure you have registered your device at

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